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Test and Evaluation

Trident supports both DoD and Commercial customers with test and execution services.  We have a broad range of experience with test planning, test execution, and data collection, analysis, and reduction.  We assist customers such as the Army in understanding test objectives, building execution environments, and evaluating results.


  • Test Planning
    - Lab and Field tests, spinouts, and experimentations
    - Geographically distributed, integrated test event configurations
  • Test Execution
    - Understanding test objectives, and requirements
    - building execution environments
    - Verification of test objectives and requirements
  • Standard Operating Procedure Development
    - Formalizing the process
  • Data Collection, Reduction, and Analysis
    - Data collection and reduction tools
    - Observation data collection
    - Quick-look and detailed analysis
    - Evaluation of test results
  • Modeling & Simulation Frameworks
    - Synchronization and driving units under test
    - Real time collection and analysis tools