Image showing our weather services capabilities

Meteorological Services

Trident provides a complete portfolio of DoD meteorological support. We have directly provided operational weather support to the Air Force, Army and Navy which includes meteorological support for Airborne Jump operations, flight weather briefings, hurricane support, weather watches and warnings, and both manual and automated observing support. We have provided classroom and OJT training for Air Force meteorological students.


  • Weather Forecasting
    - Terminal Aerodrome Forecast, Mission Execution Forecasts
    - Flight Weather Briefings
    - Issuance of Weather Watches/Warnings
    - Doppler radar and Meteorological Satellite interpretation and analysis
  • Weather Observing
    - FMQ-19, and ASOS
    - Manual Observing support
    - Meteorological watch (eyes forward)
  • Upper Air Meteorological Support
    - Rawindsonde balloon operations
    - Upper Air Analysis
  • Weather Training, Lesson Plans, Classroom & OJT