Image showing our Development, Integration & Deployment capabilities

Development, Integration & Deployment

Trident supports mission critical development items through the entire life cycle of the product. Our Guidance™ Frameworks provides a mature set of processes that are rooted in best practices and CMMI principles. From supporting our DoD customers’ programs to developing Commercial Off the Shelf products such as CVS™, Trident is capable of delivering a solution to meet your mission needs.


  • Guidance™ Frameworks
    - Best practices integrated with CMMI
  • Requirements Engineering
    - A-spec and lower level derivations
    - Testing method allocated
    - Management, Quality, Repeatability, and Delivery
  • Development, Test, V&V
    - Design and code to specifications
    - Qualification testing to verify
  • Feasibility Analysis
    - Viability of ideas and concepts
  • Operations, Deployment, & Maintenance
    - Operator support, product delivery, upgrades
  • Training
    - Classroom and manuals