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Image showing our data integration capabilities

Data Integration, Collection & Management

Trident has significant experience in developing solutions for data collection, ingestion, harvesting, and instrumentation. This includes design methods to accommodate component, subcomponent, unit under test, and net-centric data gathering. We design, implement, and operate data centers that are both fixed and mobile to support the various types of events and data distribution.


  • Collection, Management, and Distribution
    - Design within technical/schedule/budget constraints
    - Environment limitations (field, lab)
  • Harvest, Ingestion & Reduction
    - Multiple, large data sources
  • Database Design and Administration
    - Oracle™
    - Microsoft SQL Server™
    - Microsoft Access ™
  • Data Conversion & Transformation
    - Efficient methods converting to customer models.
  • Instrumentation Development
    - System, Vehicle, Network
  • Real Time and Post Mission Analysis Tools
    - Graphical, Truth versus Perceived, Dashboards
  • Collaborative Visualization System (CVS)™
    - Trident COTS product for capture, distribution, and playback of video sources